Salome is a bold, dynamic and visionary leader who is multi-skilled and multi-talented.  She is passionate about family and is married with two grown sons who are well set up to spread out their wings and soar as adults. She hails from Kisii County in Kenya and is the first born in a family of nine.  Salome is a fitness enthusiast and loves to gym, run, dance, swim and embrace all things fitness. She is an adherent participant of the annual Standard Chartered marathon having participated in 8 consecutive annual half marathons (21 Kms); her eyes are now firmly set on a full marathon with the hope of adding mountain climbing to her physical fitness pursuits.   She loves to write on topical issues and share her opinions through public speaking. As a committed Roman Catholic, Salome is a member of various groups in her church and she loves to study and proclaim the word of God.

Professional Interests

Career Snapshot
Currently, Salome is a consultant running her own start-up company. Her professional journey spans a period of 20+ years working with people, teams, and organizations to help them develop deeper connections with each other, their organization’s purpose and their individual passions. Her career pursuits have exposed her to public, private and not-for-profit sectors of the economy earning her a versatile and flexible professional outlook that is rare and precious. She has previously worked with various organizations including, Strathmore University, Kenya Airways, KASNEB, and ChildFund International. She is passionate about supporting individuals and corporates to build and retain high-performance teams and believes that work needs to be fulfilling, rewarding, worthwhile and of value to organizations, individuals and to those who are served.

CEO and Founder, Luchris Consulting
Salome is the CEO and Founder of Luchris Consulting where she leads a team of professionals to deliver cutting edge solutions in Human Resource and Organizational Development consulting, Corporate Governance, Executive Coaching, Corporate Training, and Leadership Development. This role offers her a powerful platform to support individuals and organizations to develop and implement people and governance structures that enhance their team and individual performance. Salome’s career trajectory prepared her well for the role of consultant considering she joined the world of work as a college lecturer before moving on to HR Leadership where she coordinated and led dynamic HR teams. The earlier work experience gave her a profound understanding of what organizations and individuals deal with and what they care about.

Seminars and Workshops
Salome is a phenomenal trainer and facilitator with a passion for disseminating and sharing knowledge through seminars and workshops in her areas of expertise. She often facilitates seminars and training workshops designed to create a sustainable shift in participants’ thinking and actions. She enjoys leading participants to question the status quo and develop new behaviors and ways of working better suited to transforming results and work experiences. Salome facilitates seminars and workshops that are mostly from half-day to five days. She uses the platform to take teams on a quest to rediscover their passion and re-energize their purpose to create a renewed commitment to be effective individuals and uphold a high-performance team culture. Her seminars and workshops are designed for organizations that wish to provide leaders at all levels with skills to build high-performing cultures and collaboration.

Coaching and Mentoring
Salome is an accredited coach with the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC). She believes in leveraging each client’s strengths and inner resources to develop success. She has developed tools and techniques that her clients use to build fundamental confidence to truly flourish in all their professional aspects. She challenges her clients to see things in a new light and offers leaders the opportunity to take a deep dive into their own leadership character and target the areas that need improvement. Salome offers coaching that ensures executives achieve and sustain long-term, positive behavioral change. She helps organizations to establish coaching programs and also shares coaching resources to help address leadership development needs. She believes in following-up with clients to offer post-coaching support and determine the long-term impact of coaching.

Public Speaking
Salome engages an audience powerfully and connects with many clients through speaking engagements in her areas of passion. She is adept at equipping an audience with tips and tools that result in better leadership, performance, responsibility and personal accountability. Her presentations light up and enliven conferences, corporate events, and motivational events. She tailors speaking engagements to a specific brief given by the client, conference themes and intended audience expectations. She is passionate about engaging in public speaking engagements to serve people in organizations grappling with change and those attending professional conferences. She speaks powerfully on people’s leadership, organizational culture, employee engagement, ethical leadership, and governance-related topics. Salome is your go-to person for amazing keynote presentations based on her passion for excellence and in-depth research. Her presentations have been described as inspiring, motivational and life-changing.

Board Member and Community Service enthusiast
Salome uses her extensive skills to entrench good corporate governance in organizations. She serves in various governance roles including serving as a Board Member at World Vision Kenya, Council Member at the Institute of Certified Secretaries (ICS), Finance and Administration Committee member at St. Johns Ambulance and Director at Nyaituga Bookshop, Keroka. Salome believes in using her leadership skills and professional talents generously for social and community service initiatives including leading and supporting church groups, self-help groups, investment clubs and other community or social initiatives.

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P.O. BOX 2877 - 00100, Nairobi, Kenya
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E-mail: salome@luchris.co.ke Phone: +254777767296